get a woman card support hillary

Get A Woman Card Support Hillary

Mary Matalin is a conservative strategist. "The only thing she's got going is the woman's card, and the beautiful thing is, women don't like her.". That said, it probably will be hard to resist. Lots of women know they walk a fine line between being authoritative and being called "pushy." And there's some pretty hard evidence in the way women's leadership is represented in the private sector.

election; thus, his strategy will be to solicit male voters. If she becomes the Democratic presidential nominee and Trump makes blatant sexist comments against Hillary, I anticipate that young women voters will support Hillary.

Hillary Clinton plays woman card, but political baggage

Responding directly to Trumps sexist comments and/or sexist-enabler charge will do little to persuade Trump supporters that they should vote for her.

And, quite frankly, we might go there if so many others had not already done so very, very well. In an era where the vast dating majority of Republican candidates are trying to court women voters, Trump is turning his attention to the other side of the gender gap men voters who are more likely to vote Republican (since the 1980s) than women. Little Marco, hand Jeb Bush needing his mother to campaign for him, Hillary is too soft on isis another name for the Islamic State plays into the narrative that hetero, white, middle- to low-income men need to rightfully reclaim their position as head of American society. Clinton Offers Donors Their Own Woman Card.

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Hillary Clinton is sending her supporters Woman Cards Hillary fundraising with woman card TheHill

This nuanced argument is an individual attack against Hillary  not women candidates.

Wiliarty: I dont think this particular accusation  that Bill Clinton is a sexist and Hillary Clinton is an enabler  will likely stick or be terribly effective, even if Trump tries.

Clinton the symbolic representation of the first family is going to look quite novel to voters and probably some will struggle with the new possible images that either candidate presents).

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May 7 that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was an" Donald Trump told supporters in Spokane. Audience matters a great deal, enable" washington on Saturday.

Unlike Hillary, questions surround Eleanors romantic life as she was openly affectionate with other women (namely, Lorena Hickok) and men. Well-known examples include Isabel Peron of Argentina, Violeta Chamorro of Nicaragua, Cristina Fernandez (Argentina Indira Gandhi (India Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (Philippines). Some women served only briefly following a widows succession, but others served several terms. As such, she has both a record for which she must, without question, be prepared to answer and a segment of her life where the personal and the political are more than a bit difficult to parse. Whereas less is speculated about Hillary Clintons personal life, both women have shown tremendous independence outside of their marriage. German female politicians sometimes say, Women enter the Bundestag over the dead bodies of the men.

Theres even a name for it: widows succession. By Thursday evening, Clinton began turning Trumps attacks against him. Potential Trump voters are primed by these attack ads.

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After all, she embodies that ideal. And when her campaign emphasized her her capacity as commander in chief who could answer the red telephone better than Obama and "obliterate" Iran, she proved her willingness to use muscle flexing as an electoral tactic.

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Vox explains, its because theyre dumb: For them, the world may seem like a much more equal place than it actually. In our Obamanomics economy, the labor-force participation rate is at historic lows and get a woman card support hillary 2 percent economic growth is the new normal. When a woman steps outside of the social norms, she opens herself up to criticism and mistrust.


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