date night in portland maine

Date Night In Portland Maine

Because bacon really does make all things better. Families surge among the vendors down the path lined with fresh bouquets of sunflowers, pumpkins, squash, apples, and more. The hike isnt difficult, and the surrounding area is bright with falls best. By noon the entire floor of our building smells of homemade borscht and the rich red stew simmers for tonights dinner. Well, there is nothing wrong with playing it safe with a good old-fashioned blockbuster, my friends.

Hubers Caf ( address and info downtown, why not enjoy Portlands signature, flaming coffee cocktail at one of its oldest restaurants? Get dessert at Rimskys, rimsky-Korsakoffee sites House ( address and info central Eastside, our worst-kept secret coffee shop features some of the city's most cherished late-night desserts. And, um everyone else who reads this. If that goes well you can hit Multnomah on girl the way home. My ex boyfriend smashed my heart into a million pieces a few months ago, but thats what I get for dating a ginger, I guess.

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Its not mandatory ideas to hold hands, but suggested. Slappy Cakes, make your own pancakes at chat arabia Slappy Cakes.

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McMenamins Edgefield See a concert at Edgefield McMenamins Edgefield ( address and info ) Troutdale Portlands premier outdoor venue hosts a variety of awesome shows with that quirky McMenamins' flair.

That doesnt leave much room for creativity when it comes to planning the perfect date night for you and your hunny.

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Drink this: After you woo your date with sparkly Christmas lights related in a horse drawn sleigh-wagon, stroll down. Forti Fem in the girlfriend Old Port for a cocktail. DO this: Horsedrawn Wagon Ride. DO this : Thats all I have. Invite your significant other for a cone at Salt Straw, where the only thing more famous than its ice cream is its line. Im pretty sure this will seal the deal and youll end up doing the horizontal polka in no time.

Dont stress, I got you. Huber's Cafe 411 SW 3rd Ave, Portland.

Kidding, you dirty bird.

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Portland Spirit xmas River Cruises. Take a romantic tour around the decorated city of Portland with your date. Dont worry, let your date know its not a roofie, its just dry ice, and the smoke is an effect. Drink Spanish coffee at Hubers. For some new roots music, old time sea chanteys, and mountain songs by Matt Meyer and The Gumption JCT.

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Romance supporting Oregons farmers, breweries, and wine makers winning. Here, guests can enjoy a date night in portland maine traditional turkey dinner, fresh seafood, pasta, and Huber's signature Spanish Coffee, which is prepared tableside with a bit of pyrotechnics.

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Pastas are fresh made and topped with ridiculously tasty ragus.

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Arcadia is not the place for romance, but if youre looking for fun, laughs, and a little competition, I think youll get a high score for this date.

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Before heading home, we drive through Freeport and stop in at the Broad Arrow Tavern how to approach a girl in your college class for the Lobster Sunday Brunch and root beers.

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Popham Beach -Three miles of fine sandy beach, soft lapping waves or crashing surf, island lighthouses just offshore and a historic fort on the banks of the Kennebec River all create an aura of romance at Popham Beach at the end of the Phippsburg peninsula. Multiple locations, if youre looking to impress your date, go to one of the hottest tickets in town, a pop-up. He tells stories of his grandmother at the Moscow bazaar, and his eyes sparkle with memories.

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(Food: Inventive Middle Eastern/French/Tapas Price: -). Muse Paint Bar is the latest hot spot for date night. Portland Museum of Art is the oldest and largest public art institution in the state of Maine.

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The wine list is thoughtful and reasonably priced.

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(Food: French Price ) Portland City Grill (Downtown) There isnt much that beats the view from the US Bancorp Tower which makes it good for business dinners and special date nights. Hood For the outdoorsy and athletic couples theres a glacier with North Americas best year-round snow options. McMenamins Edgefield See a concert at Edgefield McMenamins Edgefield ( address and info ) Troutdale Portlands premier outdoor venue hosts a variety of awesome shows with that quirky McMenamins' flair.

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Menu changes daily and some of the ingredients may be a mystery, but with the help of the knowledgeable wait staff, you are guaranteed to find a dish (or two or three) that will make your taste buds sing.

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Secret Society next door. Later, we ruminate on French painters and French subtitles date night in portland maine over a nightcap at Five Fifty-Five on Congress Street.

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All right, Ill just come right out and say.


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