find the redguard woman skyrim quest

Find The Redguard Woman Skyrim Quest

If you kill him after he casts the spell, however, Saadia will attack you when she gets back. A secret chamber opens up where A chest sits, locked and waiting for your looting. Take the ingredients from The next room and kill the Drag, there are some alchemy labs if you need Any last minute potions. Enter the Dungeon and fight off the Skivers. Head down the steps and search underneath the platform for a few potions and A chest.

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Lie to her, tell her that you find failed and where unable to defeat the Alik'r Warriors and that you have a horse waiting for her at the stables so she can flee. You can then loot Kematu's body to get 200 gold, his attire, and his sword. The warriors get hung up in the path, allowing for the traps to be reset.

To fix this last problem manually, one can use the console command SetLocationCleared 00018EE2. Saadia at The Bannered Mare. If you have an outstanding bounty in Whiterun, the guards will girl not enter conversation with you, preventing you from paying the prisoner's fine. When close, Kematu will start a dialogue with you and explain that Saadia is a traitor and is wanted for betraying Hammerfell for the Aldmeri Dominion. All this points to him and his warriors being enforcers rather than assassins.

Western Watchtower during, affording her some muchneeded safety for now. When you mention the Alikapos, where you can speak in private.

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Skyrim- Redguard Woman s Location (In My Time of Need Quest)

Skyrim Quest Redesign Project.

She will be wandering about the inn and may walk up to you asking if you are hungry.

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This page is currently being rewritten as part of the. After paying 100 gold to a guard, the prisoner will tell you that the leader of the Alik'r denmark is in a cave west of Whiterun called Swindler's Den. This will allow you to go back to Saadia and buffalo let her know she won't be further troubled, and you can complete the quest without turning her. You can reload the save to fix this, or bypass and go to Swindler's Den directly.

As soon as you walk through the wall of water, Kematu, the Alik'r leader, should initiate a conversation. Is Saadia's reticence due to her guilt? Speak with the Alik'r to start the quest.

Who knows what information she can get if an important official gets a little too drunk.

Having said that, from dialogue between the bandits, it seems that they do not trust each other and keep separate anyway.

Sometimes Saadia will disappear in Whiterun when you take her to the stables.

Once the Alik'r are dead, loot Kematu's corpse for bonus gold, then go get your reward from Saadia.Or Bring a Traitor to Justice edit If you decide to help the Alik'r capture Saadia, Kematu or the Redguards you spoke to in Rorikstead will ask you.

Saadia will pay you only 500 coins.

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Second Aldmeri Dominion she fled to, whiterun. Make your way through the network of tunnels, killing every bandit in your way, until you reach a passage with a waterfall. Once your stamina or magic is depleted, turn and run for the traps, being dating careful to jump over them as you pass. Talk to one of the Whiterun Guards to pay him off (100 ). If you still want to help Saadia, you'll have quite a fight on your hands.

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If you can kill them, more power to you.

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Continue west through the iron find the redguard woman skyrim quest Door and down the steps.


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