gay man beat in detroit

Gay Man Beat In Detroit

The assault was captured on cellphone video. Detroit, MI - A 16-year-old boy suspected of involvement in the June 8 beating of a homosexual man after a downtown gay pride gathering appeared in juvenile court Saturday. The Fair Michigan Justice Project was recently formed to strictly investigate hate crimes. The victim is recovering and declined to talk to us for now. Nessel says, "Hate crimes are happening.

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Howard says the attack was unprovoked and that he was getting a picture taken with a friend when the young men started circling, commenting on his long hair, calling him homophobic slurs and threatening with violence.

Im kind of iffy about it right now, because I dont want that incident to happen again, he told the news station.

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While he is a strong supporter of the annual Pride event, Howard wasnt sure that he would be able to return. They are attempting to track the men in the video down. Howard:?Then somebody said they had a gun? Wxyz reported that the case was the first incident of violence in the Pride events 40-year history. At various points, all of the suspects joined in kicking, punching, and shouting at Howard, video captured on a bystander's cell phone shows.

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He says he is emotionally damaged and hasnt slept since the Sunday attack? She is also considered a tool of the devil for writing for liberals, and shes okay with that. There was also a threat of gun violence though no gun was seen. As a professional stylist, Howard is unable to return to work until his hand heals, and he said he is emotionally damaged by the assault, unsure if he will ever return to the annual Pride celebration. Watch the video below from wxyz, broadcast June 10, 2014. A gay Detroit man was brutally beaten by a group of men at a Detroit pride festival on Sunday, police and witnesses said.

Howard, who suffered bruises, an injured eye and a broken finger, said he believed at one point he might die. Christin, who is a stylist, can no longer cut hair until his hand heals. Wxyz-TV reports a gang of men beat a gay man along the Detroit RiverWalk Sunday, next to the Motor City Pride event, a gay and lesbian festival at Hart Plaza. She takes particular interest in healthcare issues, mental health issues, and the battle for equality.

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